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Next Departures
Departure Arrival
Line 1 Santo Antão São Vicente
Friday 21 Jan 09:00 10:00
Line 2 São Vicente São Nicolau
Friday 21 Jan 16:30 20:30
Line 4 Fogo Santiago
Friday 21 Jan 09:30 13:00
Line 5 Santiago Maio
Friday 21 Jan 17:00 19:00
Line 7 Santiago São Nicolau
Saturday 22 Jan 09:00 15:00
Choose your destination to travel with CV Interilhas
CV Interilhas operates all days?
CV Interilhas offers you strict schedules, depending on the destination/Island you wish to travel. We suggest you to consult our destinations and schedule in our website:
For further information please contact us at (+238) 350 033 0 or email
Which destinations can I travel to with CV Interilhas?
Please find all about our destinations at the website
For further information please contact us at (+238) 350 033 0 or email
Schedule/ routes changes. Where can I find information about it?
Any Schedule/route change, will be comunicated through our website
For further information please contact us at (+238) 350 033 0 or email
Where should I buy my tickets?
You can buy your tickets at our website or through our agents Polar¹ and Navex².
¹ on all islands, except Boavista and Sal.
² Boavista, Santiago, Sal and São Vicente.
For further information please contact us at (+238) 350 033 0 or email
How can I pay my tickets?
The payment can be made in cash (local currency - CVE) or credit card.
Where shoud I validate my ticket?
Your ticket will be validate for a member of our crew. All the passengers should keep your tickets, since the boarding until the end of the trip.
Does the drivers need to acquire tickets?
Yes. Drivers have to acquire tickets for himselves and for all the passengers.
Boarding vehicles without driver
You can board your car without a driver. CV Interilhas offers you na aditional service that you should acquire at the same time you buy your passenger ticket. You can acquire it on our points of sale/agents or online. For further information please contact us at (+238) 350 033 0 or email
Where are the boarding terminals located?
To travel whith CV Interilhas, you must board on the indicated terminals.
For further information please contact us at (+238) 350 033 0 or email
Is it possible to transport pets?
Passengers are allowed to bring their pets, as long as all necessary measures are taken. All animals must be transported inside their compartments and these compartments must be brought by the animals’ owner since they won’t be provided by the carrier. CV INTERILHAS is not responsible for the animals’ care during travel (i.e.: feeding, hygiene among others) and is allowed to deny the animals’ boarding if necessary.

Pets always travel as checked baggage. Depending on their compartment dimension, some pets can travel as hand luggage if authorization to do so is given by the carrier.

Guide dogs, other assistance dogs, have free transportation and thy are not obligated to stay inside their compartment having the possibility to travel in the passenger areas. To have the CV INTERILHAS approval in such situations is necessary to present all the required documentation.

For further information please consult/read our “Terms&Conditions” at or contact us at (+238) 350 033 0 or email
What is the maximum permissible weight for my lugged?
Each passenger is allowed to travel with 2 hand lugged items without any additional costs, as long as they are within the stipulated limits:

• Each item dimensions cannot exceed 55x40x25cm (maximum volume of 55L)
• Each item weight cannot exceed 8 kg.
What is the capacity of the vessels?
Our fleet is composed by 5 ships which have a maximum safety rating of passengers:
Praia d’Aguada: 208 passengers
Sotavento: 200 passengers
Kriola: 164 passengers
Liberdadi: 164 passengers
Inter-ilhas: 300 passengers
Is it possible to pre-book boat seats?
No. CV Interilhas don’t have this service.
Solicitamos ao utilizador, caso assim o entenda, que deverá consultar para os devidos efeitos o site do Grupo ETE de que a presente empresa faz parte.